Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Last weekend+alot of pics╰(*°▽°*)╯

It's really late now but I had SUCH A BUSY DAY with invoices and everything needed for my business, and still I promised myself that ill make a post today no matter what so here I am, blogging into the night
so last week on Thursday i left Daniel my car and took the bus, on my way to school inside the bus, a guy didn't stop looking at me and i didn't understand much why till he came to me and said that he's a wildlife photographer and he started taking pictures of people lately and he really likes my style, so we chatted and he shows me he's IG, I sure was impressed! we did a small random photoshoot and i felt like in a LOVE to LOVE music video since it was my outfit inspiration that day and hey, its 2008 remember? this was such a special experience
this is my fav one~

after school, Dubi came to pick me up and we went on a ramen date after a looong time!
it was a really fun evening, we also met some of his old friends at the restaurant so we stayed with them a Lil before we took a walk on Rotchild boulevard.
my handsome dubi
we went back to Daniel's home and on Friday I just drove back home to be with my family, since they arrive for Friday eve dinner
On Saturday morning we drove with friends to Sedot Yam, which is a small closed kind of village that their friend lives in. the view was outstanding!!
we chilled and ate pizza couldn't relax from all the beauty around us, this place looks so relaxing in unique the thing is that u can buy a house or rent there only if you were born inside this place, kinda weird but i can totally get why they do this. 
boots..Off brand brand

look at that view!!

So much fun!

went to eat pizza
look how cute!! i want this in my garden;;

On Sunday i met Guliver after long time we didn't meet!
we usually going to eat ramen together but since i ate few days before i felt like im into something more fresh, so we did went to Men ten ten because Guliver wanted ramen
and right after we went to get Poke at my favorite place Guliver also got poke as well and we just had jun and ate it there~ we also got mochi ice cream for dessert and tried 3 tastes. i tried Cherry blossom, Mango, and matcha.
my beloved Poke 
Livin' our best life
gotta catch 'em all
also worn my new red sweater dress brand
loose socks..FIX brand brand
Yesterday i met Georgie and Noy but ill make a post soon about it it was a long paperwork day and even tho i took a nap im really tired and got a headache, so I think ill go to get my beauty sleep now 
if we're talking about beauty tho, it reminds me that i haven't done a facemask for so long! maybe ill do it tomorrow before getting ready for school~ might be nice.
also, this was my Poupee co*de today
Isn't she gorgeous?! I love her sm this game gives me so much life and brings such good memorize
I got so much inspiration from coordinating from this game, I can't even explain how much I missed it and what this game meant to me when I was younger through my early Gal days srsly now that it's back this is a total game-changer for me
I cant wait for tomorrow morning to dress her up again!

I wish everyone a good night now and have a nice weekend


  1. הכל נראה ממש כיף וטעים!!
    ואיזה משמח זה שפופה חזר סוף סוףףףף

    1. הכל היה באמת טעים ומושלם(❁´◡`❁)
      וואי תקשיבי זהו החיים שלי שלמים עכשיו אני לא צוחקת!

  2. Omg the pizza and ramen looks so good <33 I shouldn't have read this on an empty stomach ww
    It's so cool that the photographer approached you! They turned out really nice<3

    1. it was realllyy goodd!! while i blogged i was hungry tooXD
      it was hard tho i had to grab a snack~
      it was really nice of him indeed╰(*°▽°*)


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