Saturday, January 21, 2023

Last meetup+ coordsヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

How's everybody?? i had a long week with back pain i took a lot of medicine and rest as much as i could, now I'm better but my back still hurts from time to time, so i think if it wont pass I'll go check on it~ anyways its not like I'm dead or something so that ok ne? w w

last week ago Wednesday, we had another meetup
first I met Georgie and we bought sushi   then Noy arrived with Tal~
we wanted to go to the new 7 eleven that has opened in dizicen but it was too crowdy! So we passed~ this time we just hung around and bought hot choco at Aroma and after that just went to our buses~ this meet-up was short but fun! Georgie also gave us our Xmas present w~ thank u
Tal took this cute pic of us
showing off our lucky cookie and Tal showing her invisible one w w~
\ Noy~
Tshirt..junk food
sweatshirt..A&F brand
bag..peach john
coat..daisy girl
cute bananas

bye bye~ (′д` )…彡…彡

my X-mas gift from Georgie
X-mas gift from Noy
she made it herself!! i cried ;-; so adorable
also, got this new sweatshirt from my shop!
You can check my shop out for more cute items and accessories~
also want to share my cute coords from last week~
wore this fancy look for a bar date with dubi. we decided to bring back the date once a week since we are both busy~ of course we also meet on weekends
sweater..the third eye
bag..Samantha vega
hat...LDS brand

another look for a SH.YUN booth at the mall~
skit..peach john
boots..emu brand
cute casual look for the Avatar movie with my family~ btw i loved this movie more than the first one! i really love the sea Avatars!
top..from Georgie
hoodie..Juicy couture
coat..Rosh-haayin market
jeans..vintage honigman
hat..Urban shop brand
Tomorrow im taking my mom to her fourth treatment. after this one, she will have just more 2 to go!
Im so proud of her, she's so brave. I'm grateful for being able to be with her every day and help her with whatever she needs
I'll go to sleep now since i need to wake up early tomorrow
Thank you for reading and following!

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Japanese new year and akp meetup(●ˇ∀ˇ●)

so I wanna make a post on 3 meetups

 2 weeks ago we had an AKP meet at dizicen as always~ again my boom is greenXpink so I did a super cute look that day 
shirt..H&M kids
skirt..liz lisa
bag..Juicy Couture
hat..lawrys farm brand
accessories..SweetheartYun, off brand

at dizicen we went to stores and one of them was the $$ store( •̀ ω •́ )✧ we found there a lot of funny stuff w w religious PiyoMinnie
after that, we went to get bubble tea at so-bing as always, and Georgie gave me my lave birthday present w w I love it sm!! she bought me バービー Tee and a super cute pink room wear set! 


On Friday i went with Noy and her sister Tal to the Japanese new year event and we met friends there by surprise so it turned out to be a small meetup w w

we wore yukata and ate ramen that unfortunately tasted really like nothing o(一︿一+)o
they also did a lecture on the bunny year which was really interesting
wearing yukata w~

with Katia, Keren,Noy, and Emma

here's my late bday present from Georgie w~ i love it sm thank uo((>ω< ))o

now I'm going to sleep~ thank u for reading!

Last meetup+ coordsヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

How's everybody?? i had a long week with back pain  i took a lot of medicine and rest as much as i could, now I'm better but my back...