Saturday, January 23, 2021

Christmas meet up in real delay+lately~~

its been a really busy time for me~ im not complainig,theres actually alot of good things that going on rn and makes me feel alive in this timesbut  thats also the reason why im not posting much on my social media even tho im trying to do it as much as i can,its for good trust me,good things about to start 
anyway!i havnt posted yet about our christmas galsa meetupXDD so we just met at Georgie's place,talked alot and atesushi and snacks~ of course took alot of picsand opened our christmas presents! we did kina secret santa but not real one cus we knew who's each santa's isGeorgie was mine and i was hers!and since im working on alot of things i didnt stayed for longbut i really had good time and it s worth it even if it was for only few hours~
i already miss my gals so much and cant wait till next meetup
my outfit for our meetup was super cosy
while we've waited for innu and emi to arrive

paparazzi in the kitchen~~~
mokomoko piyo
twin hats~

Georgie's christmas and the small one is for kve( •̀ ω •́ )✧
galsa picss[]~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

Noy nade us the cutetsttttt phone charms!!thank u pitzi!!
with my emipuk
more with piyo(❁´◡`❁)(❁´◡`❁)

and solo!
the make up i did for the meetup~
i really love the results!

georgie also mad esome deco pics for us like christmas cards!! i love it so so much

 also!!heres what i got from my secret santa Gerogie! thank u efrunn
and also this super cute shushu that emi bought for me as present
thank u emipuk (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
so as i already said,im working alot and staying at daniel's home for the whole 2 weeks to do things till the big surprise that ill tell u guys about when it will be readybut what i can tell u for now is that im working aroud the clock,hes helping me alot and even set a nice corner for me in hes room and picking on me all day
few days ago he broke hes phone so we went out to buy him a new one and i had the chance to do makeup and feel alil bit like myself,cus most of the time i just sit in pajama and work from morning till night lol 
when daniel went to buy himself new phone i went to a big colbo store that have EVERYTHING and just found so many good things in such cheap prices so i call it shopping for the soul lol
i didnt took a coord pic because i didnt like how it turned out but i took a pic of my make 
i love it all so so muchhhh i also find a kikilala stickers!! couldnt find more`(*>﹏<*)′
i also bought myslef new gel led light and gel polish to do my own nails from now on~
at first its kinda hard to do it to urself but ill get used to it and really happy with this decision~
so my nail wont look really cute with draws and all but still will be clean and nice i didnt took pics of it from some reason~ i should tho
and since ive been at Daniel's house for the past weeks,i came home for the weekendi really missed my mom and lil brothers and also missed my presious babiessss so so much
but its really hard to work here cus i still dont have the right spot to work 12 hours a day+ i nee dto buy new Laptop and for now im working on daniel's one so i kinda have no other choice~ anddd hes helping me alot and i just love him so much and couldnt think of the idea that we wont see eachother as much as we want with thid quarantine situation i do need to come more often home,tomorrow im going back to daniel's home to work but ill come this week again home for a day or something to also be with mom

tomorrow or on monday ill go with daniel to get myself new laptop and it will be much easier for me to upload cus this laptop is dead tho
thank u for reading my blog 

Christmas meet up in real delay+lately~~

Hiiiiiiii   its been a really busy time for me~ im not complainig,theres actually alot of good things that going on rn and makes me feel ali...