Tuesday, November 23, 2021

VERY LATE birthday meetups post+gifts

Im sowwwyyyyy i didn't update for so many days i had really busy days and finally now I found the time to update on my birthday meetups lol cus there were like 3
so I celebrated the whole 3 meetups at the same week what made it a really busy one~
the first one was with Noy & Georgie! we met at Dizicen and took a bus together to Men tenten to eat ramen together!
i wanted more casual meetups this time so it was a great way to celebrate
we did our birthday present small ceremony when everyone giving the present to the birthday kid and I love everything! Thank u so much after we finish eating we took a bus back to sobing and drank boba together as usual~ as I said, we kept it casual we chat and took pics together,and when it started to be late we separated each to her own way home.
This is what I wore for the meetup~ btw lately I have a yellow X purple boom and I can't get over how perfect these colors looks togetherrr
cardigan...Alenbi st.
basket bag...SBY
met new friends!
Paparazzi by Georgie of me and not on our way to the bus station
on our way~
not taking pic of me when I took pic of her lol

I tried the tori ramen this time~ 
it was really tasty and less oily I think I would take it again next time~
persents time
Gal aesthetic 
goofing around
boba team

the next day I went to a restaurant with Lior and Orianne! at first, I wanted to go to SOHO, but in the w=end we went to a restaurant that non of us visit~ the food was tasty and it was refreshing and nice. we arrived SO HUNGRY so I didn't took a pic of the first dish that I ordered lol~
 it also was really cold that eve so I wore my Liz Lisa fluffy plaid dress and felt like a princess
we drove back kinda early cus the day after we all had work~ they also bought me such a cute birthday gift! also from FIX Toy story pajama collection that they knew I loved 
Thank u~~~
pumps...carmle market
basket bag...SBY
charm bear keychain...SweetheartYun
hat...off brand

also birthday dessert~

as I said there was another birthday meetup, with Orr we went, as usual, to eat ramen at Oban koban, and this time it was also an opportunity to just catch up after a long time~it really hard for us to meet sometimes cus we both busy very much in life.
after we finished we wanted something sweet so we went to eat ice cream in a perfect gelato place near the restaurant and then we went home cus it was late
Just so u understand,all the meetups were so delayed because of my vacay, that it close to my mom and lil brother's birthday! that's why orr and I had to end our meetup early because the day after I went with mom and gal to celebrate their birthday in Tel Aviv!
we went to a museum and a restaurant~ very casual and fun day together we also went to sobing cus mom really love this place too!
here's my coord for meetup with Orr
vest...off brand
bag...off brand
hat...off brand
The food we ordered~ we actually ordered the same cus I'm ordering always the best ramen and orr copying meeee
fresh poke for starter
my outfit for mom and gal bday~
Shirt...pinky girls
hat...Emiria wiz
bag...pinky girls
bracelet...central station

also here my birthday present from my precious friends!
i forgot to take a pic of the present from orr so ill post it next time~
the cute pajama and snacks I got from lior and orianne~
I also wear this trainer out~its so cozy and it has pockets!
from not;this cute pinky girls that I REALLY love,pompon fur hat ad this cute nail separating and warthog birthday card!she got me this one because I almost had an car accident near my home with a warthog,funny as it sound I saw my life passing in front of my eyes 4 real
Georgie got me this adorable TRALALA set right from 2007~ and this perf shopping bag!
Thank u so much for the perfect presentttt

well, this whole post was about celebrations and food lol!
and from all these food pics I started to be hungry so ill go get myself something to eat
Im really busy these day with my business and life and i think i need to blog more often so it will be more chill and not heavy post as this one~
thank u for reading my blog!

VERY LATE birthday meetups post+gifts

Im sowwwyyyyy i didn't update for so many days  i had really busy days and finally now I found the time to update on my birthday meetups...