Tuesday, May 11, 2021

meetups~date with dubi and more~

Hows everyone?
i,like always havnt posted for a long time cus life~
and everytime that I wanted to post I felt like I don't have much time to do it but maybe this time ill skip on few things that happened in the past month cus it's really alot
just before I start, I want to talk about our situation in Israel.
i feel like we're gonna start a war soon, Hamas shout over 500+ rockets on Israel just today.
unfortunately, I've met Noy and Georgie today in Tel Aviv and we had a red alert for more than an hour.
we couldn't go home and I live in a dangerous area. I truly was terrified by the idea of taking a bus and driving home. to all my friends who live in Israel, please stay safe. and thank you for all the support and love from my friends overseas, I truly appreciate it
in the end there people in both sides that want to live a peaceful life,I really hope everything will settle down soon.
as u know I got sprained ankle last month,and Noy celebrated her birthday in karaoke~
i really missed my friends and wanted to go and celebrate with everyone and with noy so I decided to at least go to meet them at the karaoke we had great time and took another hour to sing more lol
after that I drove home and picked Innu as always to her bus station that close to her hometown
Dress shirt...SweetHeartYun
hair tie...WOW

with innu

dancing para para
Noy Georgie and I also did a small Liz Lisa meetup!
we wanted to do this for a long time and finally we all felt wearing old LL style~
so we met at dizisen and just hand out and went as always to get bubble tea in sobing
it was in the middle of the week,and in the end of the week I ended up switching the shift at work and joined the gals to the beach since it was the first time I tanned this season,I got sunburned cus I was stupid and put Nivea cream to get tanner anyways,now my skin look much better XD
we had fun at the beach and I want to go again!! at the same friday eve,I went to a bar to celebrate Lior's bday we had like a girls night with cocktails and opening presents
it was super fun,and I really loved my outfit that eve
bag...Cecil mcbee
bear charm...SweetHeartYun
hat...random shop


pic together from Friday happy and tan after the beach
my cord from Friday night to the bar 
shirt...Kamikaza tel aviv
bag...off brand
coord point
with my birthday girl luli
Dubi and I decided that we're going on a date every week since we r both really busy and its not enough just to sleep together and work next to each other in the room. so I love this idea I must say~
we already had 2 dates
 one was more spontanic and we went to eat a burger and a second one, when we went to Tel Aviv to get bubble, ta and eat ramen i got plenty of ideas for our coming up dates and love spending quality time with my boo so so much
this is my outfit i wore for our burger date~it was a Hello kitty theme coord!
skirt...central station
hat...off brand
bag...off brand
accessories...handmade,off brand,sanrio
coord point
my boo and our dinner yum
well,its really late now.
i have more things to post about like my dogs makeovers and shopping i did lately
ill post it on my next post. that i hope will be soon lol i must get things done and stop being lazy about posting. at least start making shorter posts so i wont get tired of posting and stressing over it
i hope we'll have a quiet night here in Israel and everything will go back to normal and peacful

meetups~date with dubi and more~

Hows everyone? i,like always havnt posted for a long time cus life~ and everytime that I wanted to post I felt like I don't have much ti...