Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Long time~ Noy's birthday and nother meetup✪ ω ✪


TBH i don't even know where to start since so many things happend I'm sowwy I disappeared, there so much going on rn, in 2 more days were having our Harajuku fair, and on Friday it's Dubi's birthday and I'm very nervious cus I want everything to be perfect In both Harajuku fair and birthday
in the past time since my last ost we celebrated No'ys birthday finally, we went to Or spits cafe~ the whole place looks like a Barbie cafe and its super perfect!! it was my first time there and ill definitely go again
on our way to the cafe
With pitzi!!
hachamudim sheli

birthday kid!!
I'm a baby
back to Dizi
w w w 
we had another meet last week to set everything with the models for the Harajuku fair fashion walk~
it was nice and I'm happy i could meet both Noy and Georgie after 2 weeks since Georgie was at Rome with Hatuli

at Sobing
cutee w w 
waiting for my bus tnx Piyo for the pic
I'm really tired tho~
got a lot to share but maybe ill do it tomorrow? or after the fair? or not at all? w w w
anyways, to much to do and gtg now to finish stuff for my stall~
btw! i got new design on my Etsy and also new accessories that ill be uploading after the fair to my shop if u wanna check my Etsy shop and see the new design here it is!
Also, my main SweetheartYun shop gonna be baby clothes that I'm designing and making the fabrics and everything, I'm working really hard on my website and clothes right now.
the clothes supposed to be ready in 2 more days and I'm SO EXCITED
can't wait to share everything with u guys~ but it will take a lil bit more time tho
anyway I'm off now, ill try my best to update soon 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Party date with dubi+ date with Georgie+ party with Nofar

Hi hiiii
wanted to share some fun from the past weeks part 1#!
On last Saturday eve I had some quality time with dubi, we went to Kuli alma and the music was SO GOOD
do u know the specific times that u just enjoy everything and your outfit is on point the vibes r the best and the music is lit?? so this is exactly how it was!! we enjoyed this night so much!!
I got this fab 00' boom when I'm out clubbing and  when the music hits it I'm flyinggg

My booooo

there was a dirty mirror inside the club lol

On Tuesday i went to meet Georgie after her shift and we wanted to go to the Olamot convention together
before i met her i went by myself to buy something at Bezalel market and found so many goods!! in so cheap too i went to get flip-flops that I wanted since last summer and the seller brought more size, but i bought the wrong size so i need to go back again to change it..i also got a PERFECT bikini top that reminds Paris Hilton vibes and a glitter Barbie bracelet!
i went to meet Georgie at Dizicen and we walked all the way to Oban koban first to eat 
we went to the Olamot convention that was really near and before we went to Noy's stall we looked at the stalls and bought a cute bear necklace!

at Oban koban-dream
VS reality when the witer arrived and cleand our table when i took the picture

I also went to Kuli Alma again with Nofar! we worked at Il makiage together and were really good friends since then, i had a chance to wear my new Paris Hilton vibes bra and went on a total 00' look

bikini bra..off brand




watch..Strip cabaret

bracelet and earrings..Bezalel market


kind of a make photo

at the club ther was an 70' music which was nice, but it was changed to 00' when we left


since it wasnt too late when i arrived home i did some pic with my new Suzy's zoo PJ! a small slumber party of my own!

and thats it~ thank u for reading my blog,I have a meeting today for my buisness,gonna see more of the prototypes! very excited
and next post ill do about the Mimunna Noy's birthdayand have a nice day!

Long time~ Noy's birthday and nother meetup✪ ω ✪

  TBH i don't even know where to start since so many things happend  I'm sowwy I disappeared, there so much going on rn, in 2 more d...