Thursday, September 22, 2022

I miss you


Today is my grandma's birthday
shes were supposed to turn 88 today..
I miss her a lot, thinking about her in any step i take and what she might say about my life journey.
She passed away almost 6 yrs ago.. we were so close, and still.
I miss you my savti, i love you a lot and i hope for your next visit in my dreams.
writing with tears..I love you with my whole heart, Happy birthday

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Funko pop fair & Animatsuri convention!


its been a while! wanted to share some my last SweetheartYun events

So i had the Funko pop fair, and since I'm working with dizicen in the fairs i had the chance to have a stall there! i was the only stall that wasn't selling Funko pop dolls w w
Noy arrived at 3pm and joined me at my still and also put a few of her accessories
it was a nice day, we were a bit different in the view let's say it that way w w w 
Georgie also arrived and we enjoyed the time together while Noy and I sold our Martin the end of the day we picked everything up and went to put the suitcase in my car and then had some bubble tea together to relax a bit
my cute SweetheartYun stall!

some girls came with her baby and i almost ate it
also my outfit inspired Valentine's day vibes because its the most beautiful aesthetic in the whole world w w w
shirt..VH brand
skirt..Samantha thavasa
bag..pinky girls
shushu & earrings..SweetheartYun
bracelets & brand
On Sunday after the Funko pop fair, we had the Animatsuri convention where Noy and I also had our shop stalls! i was late and arrived like 10 min before the gates were "closed" to sellers w w
i put up my stall and started to work w w I have sm fun when we have our stalls next to each other, and this time Tal, Noy's sister arrived too to help her in her stall so we could go from time to time~
i wore Himegyaru to the con!
bag..pinky girls
wig..King George st.
hair accessories..Princess melody,claire's,off-brand, sweetheartYun
necklace & earrings,bracelet..SweetheartYun
i actually think to get more wigs now for winter w w

my cute stall!

Noy organizing everything
Georgie also arrived and wore her ひまわり yukata and looked so pretty! i came to help her in the bathroom while she tried to wear it but i couldn't do much so i called an SOS call to Hikari our friend, who knows how to wear yukata the right way w w
after that we went back to my stall and i also bought a burger w w w 
Keren and Primov came to say hello and we chatted and acted goofy together as always
Keren checking under my dress
our most iconic pic
with Noy ~

taking some break w w 
at some point, we wanted to go to get something to drink and we had to go all the way to the central station since the con area ran out of coffee so, at the same time, we went to a SUPER cheap and cool shop that had a lot of treasure for very good prices, of course, we bought a lot  we came back to the con with shopping bags w w w we just cant deal with shops like this i swear w w oh and i also got a smoothie 
here we started to look for crap w w
here's me sitting like nothing happened 10 min ago w w w 

we also took a few last pics before we started to close our stalls at the end of the day

i got to say that this convention was SO FUN! i haven't had such a good time at anime conventions for years and I'm so glad Georgie decided to come in the end because we all had a wonderful time together 
btw here's my new gets
i had a rough week since there's a big thing going on in my business and i also moved out kinda to Dubi's place and now it's our place and I'm very nervous about everything
I hope everything will be ok and everything will go as planned~ with me good luck
I love this song me feels 
tomorrow im organizing everything for my first baby clothes stall with mom, and on Monday taking my dogs to the hairdresser~ i home everyone had a great weekend, see u next post!

I miss you

  Today is my grandma's birthday shes were supposed to turn 88 today.. I miss her a lot, thinking about her in any step i take and what ...