Thursday, August 3, 2023

outfits and gets~

wanted to share some outfits from work and more fun things I did~
i used my new  zebra towel when i went to the beach with daniel w
now i can't go to the beach unfortunately cus i had a skin thing again it looks MUCH better now but still needs to wate before I'm going to the beach again~after beach we went to eat sushi in our favorite place Izakaya

also, i love working at the Pastel, i get dressed cute every shift~ so here are some of the coords I did 
overalls..marple Q

shirt..Jill paris
shoes.. off brand
hat..playboy brand
belt..pinky & Dianne

shirt..pinku girls
shoes..kiss me
bracelet..flea market

bag..samantha thavasa
shoes..kiss me

bag..loungfly brand
side bag..wego

shorts..hollister brand
accessores..LDS, offbrand

top..ANAP brand
shoes..kiss me
necklace..kept from 00'
accessories..flea market, off-brand,sweetheartyun
here's some new gets~
zebra skirt
jeans by something~ tsuchan had the exact same one

belt by pinky & dianne
ANAP top
swordfish necklace
Hollister shorts
Roxy reversible bikini top!
and heres me checking out my makeup omw to work w w 
thats all 4 now~ thank u~~

Saturday, June 24, 2023

2 meetups+イメチェン+new gets from the past month~ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

やっほー!! again blogging about the past meetups to close the gap between posts w w 

so Georgie and I met after work, and Noichi joined us later that day~

we went to eat at the Chinese house and it was really tasty and fun! After we went toSo-bing to eat dessert

skirt..peach john
kitty plush..pastel junkies
watch..strip cabaret
flower..SweetheartYun brand


with the So-bing dessert! it was so good!

next meetup i met Georgie early again and Noichi joined us
we first had a meetup about the next J-fashion event with Ben, and we ended up somehow helping Brett Anderson's son, the vocalist of the Suede band to find clothes cus he forgot his suitcase at home w w w
it was a super weird and funny situation, I've never thought I would ever help a son of a famous band vocalist in shopping w w w after that Noichi joined us and we went to Macdo, we met on the way Yaya, they also came to Dizicen that day~ we also went to the Metzion to find some cute shorts so im glad i found 2 pairs!
shirt..jessica richie
skirt..levi's brand
bracelet..flea market
with Brett Anderson 
at the Metzion ~
and with Yaya~

for quite of time now I'm kinda bored with my hair and thought of maybe growing it, or doing something interesting~ after i went to my hair stylist i decided i want to do pink highlights! so i bought La Riche crazy color in Flamingo pink and after my hair salon appointment i went to Orian's place and Lior and her helped me color my hair! Orian also did pink highlight because of me w w so they were in the end of the prosses when i arrived
i love the results so much!! well it is kinda annoying to fix it every few days, but im enjoying my hair very much now~

also! another package arrived in the past month w w
so i got this AMAZING jeans!!! inlove with it so much
Jessica Richie shirt
another one
this amazing Playboy jerzey setup
cute sequin handbag~
These is the 2 shorts i got at the Metzion with Nochi and Georgie the other day~

and this cute kitty chan is a gift I got from Pastel Junkies! love it!

Now I got to go to make my outfit for tomorrow's shirt and sleep~ 
Thank you for reading!

outfits and gets~

wanted to share some outfits from work and more fun things I did~ i used my new   zebra towel when i went to the beach with daniel w now i c...