Monday, May 22, 2023

Paphos vaycay

It's been quite a long time since we're back but i was SO BUSY so now I'm gonna post about our vaycay
our flight was really fast and we landed in Paphos in morning  we had plenty of time before check-in so we changed and went shopping   when we went back to our hotel we took a nap and in the evening we went to a cocktail bar & sushi which was 4 sure our best place in that whole vaycay!
at the airport, i saw these lil fellas but it was SO expensive!!

before shopping we tried Taco Bell for the first time and i must say that I wont buy it again btw it was just big nono brand
hoodie..Juicy Couture
skirt..Samantha vega
belt.. off brand brand brand
accessories..thrift store

found this cute phone at the Jumbo store


everything i got that day(except for the mini perfume)

my outfit for our date at the cocktail bar


sweatshirt..VS PINK brand

belt..from Georgie


accessories..LDS, thrift store

it was beyond delicious

on day 2# we went to the Thombs of the Kings, it was ok but it was really close to our hotel so we went there~ then we went back to the hotel and changed to swimsuits and took a bus to Coral Bay, enjoyed the hot weather and on our way back stopped at an Italian restaurant


pants..bershka brand brand brand

belts..From Georgie, 


this is my cave now

we ate McDonald's that actually was SO GOOD can't even explain how tasty it was and i don't even know why w w w

a Playboy towel that i regret I didn't buy :(

Barbie and Ken

waiting for the bus~

dubi took some very cute pics of me at the beach

Cheers, baby!

on day 3# we took a trip around the area, they took us to the blue lagoon, to see sea turtle's nests and the spot where they believe Afrodita took her bath they came to pick us up from the hotel with a safari jeep~

cute sea turtle nests!

the place Afrodita took bath,or at least what they selling us w w w

amazing view from a cliff on our way to the blue lagoon

the blue lagoon was beautiful but we didn't had much time there, which was disappointing
on our way back the Jeep broke, like literally. we could died if it was a bit farther at the spin
they brought another car to take us and while we all waited for a minibus they took us to drink something

at the evening dubi and I went to a party on our last night~ we of course HAD to nap after this long day, but we did it w w the music was really good, too

on our last day, we just went to the mall to eat before the cab arrived to take us to the airport, the weather was too windy we couldn't do anything much. at least the weather was amazing the whole trip

That's all for now! i have many more new things to tell u guys so see u in my next posts!

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