Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Date with dubi

And again im late with posts w w
just too much going on rn~ but I'm saying it in a good way though

Today is Purim! it's my favorite holiday reminds a bit of Halloween cus were wear costumes and stuff~ I already went to a party yesterday but since the holiday just started i have so many planned things to do I'll leave it for the following posts

2 weeks ago i went to a party with Nofar on Friday which was really fun! i love girls night out sm w w~ we just danced and met new friends
i went back to sleep at dubi's house and on Saturday we decided to go something together
we went to eat at Izakaya, which is an Asian restaurant that opened only on weekends and their sushi is SO GOOD!! so we like, had to w w after that we drove to Jaffa for a short walk and just enjoyed the perfect weather~ we looked for an acai bowl but couldn't find there any so we drove to Tel Aviv w w and of course, we got our acai! yay w w later that day we just relaxed at home and met friends~ this weekend was so so great! i needed this quality time with dubi for so long
Friday night party coord

top..from Georgie
cardigan..second hand
skirt..liz lisa
bag..Precision Chanel
belt..pinky girls

Saturday date coord
hoodie..Juicy couture
skirt..off brand
scarf..second hand
bag Juicy couture
accessories..off brand


Tomorrow its the Harucon convention, and on Thursday i also have a booth! gonna be super long days though~
gonna make now new accessories and get ready for tomorrow! thank u for reading and see u next bostヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

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