Sunday, February 5, 2023

casual slumber party + AKP Valentine's day photoshoots

Hellooooo((>ω< ))o
finally posting again!! got as always so much to blog about but im sometimes lazy or too busy and i prefer to blog from my laptop than from my phone o(一︿一+)o

anyway!! finally, i managed to organize AKP X Keren Valentine's day photoshoots! im SO HAPPY we did it!! it was kinda hard cus were all super busy in life and work and we wanted to do it before Vday ofc~
last week Georgie and Noy came to sleep over at my house, i picked them up from the closest city and the new second-hand store next to my home was open! we went to check on it and found really cute stuff for so cheap then we head home, or may i say stepped home since it is so close w w I'm literally neighbors with the shop w w Noy and Georgie haven't visited my home for years, so my dogs pack greeted them and they were so happy to see them after so long~ we then made coffee and ate small dinner, chatted with my mom and then just stayed up and chatted at the living room for like hours w w we went to sleep at 2:30am w w event tho we wanted the get up early I'm happy we did have our time cus we usually don't have much time together when we're meeting outside~

we woke up kinda late and got ready to go downtown to some good thrift shops that i usually shop at~

we just started with the most chaotic store w w and found some cute gets~

then we head off to the other stores in the city and to some more stores that r stuck somewhere at the 00' w w i just LOVE shopping at the city and secondhand stores~ this is fr the best

we didn't have much time since we needed to buy some stuff for our photoshoots and go home to get ready. we managed to do everything on time and get everything we needed!

when we arrived at Keren's studio i went to get our balloons for the photoshoots while they all build the set~

we had a
really good time, and did it very well and fast cus we all knew what we need to do and had our outfits ready~ we did 2 looks and i can't wait to show u the pics already!! it turned out SO PRETTY!!

Keren is super talented and understands exactly what our vision was, i must say it was an old dream that i had for years now, I'm so happy we did this together, and it was super fun. it felt like we were in Popteen mag! we all looked like 2008 Popteen models

after we finished the photoshoots i took them to the bus, it was rainy weather, like in the whole past week and a half now~

here are some pics from the thrifting and from the photoshoots

ready to go thriftinggg

Georgie and i dive into the chaos

getting ready for first set!
look how beautiful!!!

all the sweets we bought for the photoshoots w w w
on set

candy gals!
also did new nails the day before the photoshoots~ so happy with the results
here's what i thrifted with the gals!
THIS amazing accessories organizer that i found!! I'm obsessed and can't believe i found it!
i also bought a fleece zebra blanket cover but its in the washing machine so i didn't take a pic of it yet~
cute hibi hair clip~ヾ(•ω•`)o it will go so well with my Alba bikini!
at the store next my home i found this cute Guess bag~
glitter cream hato((>ω< ))o
super soft and cute leopard scarf~
the most perfect basic shirt!! goes well with everything and fits great!
actually I'm wearing it rn w w
Armani coat!! it was so cheap and it fits so good and look fancy~ loves it(≧∇≦)ノ

i also got a PERFECT package from mercari but ill post about it next timeヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ this week I'm gonna do a booth for Valentine's day and I made exclusive hime-chan packs for this event~ I'm super excited about it tbh( •̀ ω •́ )✧
also, Valentine's day is one of the most favorite aesthetics on me and I'm so happy it's so near!! can't wait to go out with dubi on a V-day date

I'm going to sleep now cus it was a very long day~ i had a medical test this morning and worked on my laptop for like 10 hours and my brain feels like a mashed potato now w w
anyway, thank u for reading my blog, and see u next post!

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  1. הפוטושוט נראה מושלםםם! והצעיף+התיק איפור זברה אומיגאדדד... מציאות מטורפות *o*


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