Monday, November 21, 2022

Mercari & Thrift shop haulヾ(•ω•`)o

Again im blogging super late w w but this one will be short I promise(●ˇ∀ˇ●)
I just wanted to share my last mercari haul and also items i thrifted w w 
unfortunately one of my packages from mercari got lost, but I'm still full of hope that it will arrive. they opened an investigation to see what happened to it..pray for it to arrive safely
so here's r the gets! i bought many more since then  i regret nothing w w i will make another haul post soon
first this Mish mash Tee! it also has a piece sign on the back from the same sequin part
Ma*rs tunic!! it has a big leopard bow on the back
Victoria's secret pants and I'm OBSESSED WITH IT
the whole fabric has glitter in it and it was such a nice surprise!
another VS yoga pants -THE yoga pant!!
for most comfy winter w w
cute off-brand scarf with glitter that reminds of VS famous stripes
super cute and fluffy Pink panther jewelry box cus i needed one

and now for more exciting gets
a super cute and cozy A&F hoodie!! I'm in love with it so much
 bath body wiped cream in a strawberry and cream scent~
anddd my precious and nostalgic Fantasy perfume by Britney spears that my Lil brother bought me for my birthday w w and it also came with a body mist how perfect is that i used this perfume when i was like 12 no joke I'm so happy i have it again now

i bought so many more precious and cheap gets from local thrift shops that I really want to show u
but i guess it will be for next post even tho i have plenty more things to talk about and share like our last fair and meetup!
this week I'm meeting my galsa on Thursday and it is supposed to be rainy! but i already picked an outfit so ill see till then if i change my mind about it w w 

I'm going to sleep now, thank u very much for reading~
 I'll try to blog another time this week

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    הכל תואם להכל איך אני אוהף


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