Monday, May 31, 2021

Recent getssss


Well i wanted to make a gets post and I've been waiting for my package to arrive
and now that it arrived yesterday I can finally share with u everything I bought lately
ok so I bought this perfect baggg i love it so much!! but since its a very old bag, it started to break apart and I barely used it I had to look for new bags,unfortunately I wont be able to use it for long. RIP perf bag
another bag that I got, is that cuteset ever bag with a heart charm by Rich mix!
the thing is I didn't knew its gonna be a HUGE bag,so I cant use it more often but that ok tho,I anyway also wanted a new big bag as well~
got this cute basic cami top~ as u can see I lately got something with dots because, why not 

this PERFECT Tralala skirt!! it also has glitter on it
andddd o know its already summer and yes its really hot in Israel already. but!! I've found this super adorable Pink latte overall and it was so so cheap so I had to get it as well and I hope for at least one nice weather day so ill be able to wear it~
i ordered myself my favorite lashed and bottom lashes that I wanted to try and I must say they look kinda cute I'm happy and this hair shushus, that I've ordered while ive made some by myself for my shop too!
and here's what ive made myself!
the shushu scrunchies r also available in my shop

and now for the items that arrived yesterday

so as I shared before about my precious bag RIP,ive ordered 2 bags, both by Pink latte
unfortunately, again since they r both very old I don't think that they will survive for so long,but still I love them bothhhhh so much

I got this Valentine's High shirt, I already ordered one like that with a different print on it but since Covid19 this package still stuck in Japan over a year
but this shirt is super cute in perfect condition! I'm in love with it so much
got this summer cute Tralala dress, super casual and beautiful~ cant wait to wear it
and for the last oneee i FINALLY got my hands on Vanilla magazine after years!!! of searching
I don't know why this mag catch my heart so much but I'm so happy to finally have it
on Friday I went to the beach with my lil brother for some quality time~
its not happening much and it was super fun! we went to Zozobra after to eat lunch and at the eve I went to a bar to celebrate Dubi and his friend Aviv~
since a lot of things happened lately I couldn't really celebrate dubi his birthday the way we wanted~
so ive ordered a short vacay in the north of this weekend and we both really excited for this quality time and rest
so I guess next post gonna be about our vacay
that's all for now, I'm going to get ready for sleep now


  1. So many cute gets! I really love those bags ;_;♥

  2. Omg you gets are so cute! That Tralala skirt = perfection. Also Pink Latte is such a cute brand. I love those bags too, I also keep wanting them even though they may not last long </3

  3. these bags are pure perfection *-*

  4. Omgggg the twinkle lash!!! They are my fave lashes and omg youre going to love them <33333 I really want to get some Pink Latte stuff next time as their items are super cute!

    Can't wait to see your post about your vacay <33333


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