Saturday, April 17, 2021

PiyoMinnieChu date+ Israel Independnce day and lots of new gets~


every week my galsa and i peeking a day for a meetup and 2 weeks ago we had to split the meetsups since Noy and Innu couldn't make it at the same day as me and Emi so we decided to anyway do a meetups this time seperatly~i drove from Dubi's home to the city to take a bus and met with Georgie and Emi at dizicen, first of all, we got something to eat,
of course I ate burger king because why not then we went show off at dizicen and head off to Dizi square! i haven't been there for so long and this square is so nice! there's a lot of people just relaxing and chatting~ so we did too! and of course, had to goof around after a while we went back snd i bought boba for me and for dubi and we split to our buses
lots of pics~~~

my makeup for the meetup
paparazzi by George
at WOW

accessories...central station,handmade,all+
lost child


look how cute my tusik looks with these nicochans
with my George
papawazzi#3 look at how Emi stands I cant lol

Carisma sisters and their lil brother
on our way back to get boba
 Story time when I got back off the bus I went back to the mall where I parked my car , when I crossed the pedestrian crossing i saw a big hole in the middle of it and thought to myself "oh no this is really dangerous someone might fall" and kept going back to my car and drove home 2 days after I went to my hairdresser after work, i parked my car at the same place and crossed the same pedestrian crossing and guess who fell in the hole? of course!me! i drove to the emergency health center and they told me i had a sprained ankle since i didn't took it seriously at all i went to work the morning after and just couldn't stand the pain, so i took days off to rest i also had a friend's birthday party at a club that i canceled since i couldn't walk and lets not even talk about dancing
anyways I'm resting sometimes at home, sometimes at dubi's home~ 
on Wednesday was Israel 73 independence day~ happy birthday to our small,amazing and unique country i went to a burger evening at a friend's house and since i had something that holds my feet right,i couldn't wear whatever i wanted so i put overalls even tho i wanted to wear something else,it was cold eve and i had to dress kinda warm
hat...good knits
accessories...Urbanica,central station,handmade
after this long tasty eve i went back to dubi's house and stayed over for few days
2 days ago we wanted to make something to eat and i slipped on the stairs and stepped hard on the same feet with the sprained ankle and since it hurts so bad,we drove after an hour to the hospital at 1am to check if everything is ok we stayed there till 5am just to know that my feet got a shocked from the fall and got more days to rest till the end of the week~ and i swear it hurts so bad now I'm resting as much as i can everyday
anyways for some good news! i wanted to share my recent gets
first,I've got items from my shop SweetHeartYun
i couldn't hold myself from not get this ADORABLE shirts
the first one is the candy bear shirt,that is actually a unisex shirt and i also got the matching ug for my mom i ordered myself L size cus i wanted it to be as a dress and it looks so cute!

the second shirt is the I love fast food American shirt! super comfy and cute

both shirts r available on my shop

casual denims skirt from bezalel marketing Tel aviv~
cute stars necklaces from Urbanica
also got a new face cream by Tonymoly~ the package is super cute!

i also had a lil shopping at shibuya109
got these AMAZING MarpleQ overalls
i just saw it on the staff and she looked so cute i had to get it
 anddd i ran out of my Candy doll and Dolly wink supply so i went to SBY to get myself new make
got myself new eyeshadow palette my favorite one
2 blushes and my favorite lipglosses strawberry milk & glitter gelato
tomorrow is Noy's birthday meetup since my feet hurts and i can't walk for so long,im gonna join them for karaoke and go back home to rest
Thats all for now~ im gonna get myself a snack and watch something
thank u for reading my blog


  1. I can’t wait till it’s safe in Canada to go out ~_~ I miss my galsa T_T you guys always look like you have so much fun ~~~ and I love those Mickey Mouse overalls !!!

  2. i really hope everything will go back to normal all around the world ASAP`(*>﹏<*)′
    thank u sweetheart! we do have fun i LOVE my galsa so much!!q(;O;)p
    and again thank u(✿◡‿◡)

  3. Ahhhh Mayuchan ;__; I'm sad to hear about your injury 馃槴 I hope yoou get well soon and your ankle gets healed super fast! 馃ズ
    You look so cute in MarpleQ!!! Amekaji really suits youu 馃挀馃グ馃挀馃グ馃挀馃グ馃挀馃グ馃挀馃グ馃挀馃グ馃挀馃グ
    and omg where did you get those CandyDoll items??? I stg i always wanted them but back then I had no money... Let me know please 馃樆馃檹

    1. its okkkkk love! it hurts for few days and now its much better(*^▽^*)and thank u!! i just LOVE this overall so much~~
      i bought the makeup on fril and ebay! it was kinda hard to find the eye shadow pallete but i finally got it(✿◡‿◡)

  4. Oh my dear I wish you all best...<333

  5. Oh my gosh I hope you're okay and that your ankle recovers quickly!!! <333333

    I love love love seeing all of your pictures from your meets. It gives me so much life ** <333

    1. thank u love! it took over a week but now my feet is much much better!(*^_^*)
      im happy~~~~ i love meeting my gals and get goofy its the best meetups(●藝∀藝●)

  6. Oh noooo I hope you are okay! That must really suck ;_; Sending you get well vibes!!!!
    I absolutely adore your looks~ So much great inspo ♥ And omggggg your getsssss ToT

  7. it get much better noW~
    and thanj u sweetie(✿◡‿◡)(✿◡‿◡)

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